English Ballet School - Een der eerste RAD balletscholen in Amsterdam en Nederland

Professional classes


The EBS offers several different courses for teachers and performers:

  • The Dance Foundation Course (EBS)
  • The Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies(RAD)
  • The Dance Teaching Diploma (IDTA)
  • Certificate in the Teaching of Pre-School Children(EBS)
  • Professional Dancers Teachers Course
  • Teachers Refreshers Course

Royal Academy of Dance

The RAD is a worldwide organisation of teachers with their own syllabus for children and students both amateur and professional. There are many benefits of becoming an RAD teacher. Teachers may take examinations up to University level, enter candidates for examinations, take part in courses and summer schools and be part of a globally renowned organization. Their examinations are government accredited. They are now collaborating with the IDTA and recognize one another’s qualifications.

International Dance Teachers Association

The IDTA is an organization of teachers of dance for whom it provides a comprehensive examination service. It is responsible for more examinations in dancing than any other similar organization. The Association is a member of the Council for Dance Education and Training and the Central Council for Physical Recreation. The IDTA are now collaborating with the RAD and recognize one another’s qualifications.

Dance Foundation Course

The Dance Foundation Course is a one or two year course depending on the standard at entry. The course concentrates on building up strength and technique to a standard required for the Intermediate Examinations of the UK teaching organisations, or entry to National Ballet Schools, modern dance or jazz courses. It prepares for the teaching examinations of the different teaching organisations and is an excellent start for those preparing for the stage.


  • Daily classical class
  • Point Work
  • Teaching of Young Children
  • Teaching of Adults
  • History of Ballet
  • Anatomy
  • Jazz


Students may take the Intermediate Examinations of the RAD, ISTD, IDTA. The examinations are optional and students must reach the required standard. Students who wish to dance rather than teach may follow only the dance course. On successful completion of the course students are awarded:

* The Dance Foundation Diploma
* A Portfolio of Achievement

The Dance Foundation Course is suitable for: Students who wish to teach dance. Students who wish to take teaching examinations of the RAD, ISTD or IDTA. Students who wish to enter National Ballet Schools or other professional dance courses or continue with the dance programmes of the RAD, ISTD or IDTA. Gap year students who would like to spend a year in dance between other studies. Teachers who wish to update their skills.


Professional Dancers Teaching Courses

The Professional Dancers Courses at the EBS is for ex-dancers who have had a professional stage career, classical or otherwise, and may be taken in one year. The IDTA Teaching Diplomas may be taken in two parts, a combined Pre Associate 1& 2 and then the final Associate Teaching Diploma. Subject to examinations taking place, the Pre Associate 1 could be taken in April and the Associate Exam in June. The course would include Syllabus work, Teaching Methods, Anatomy and Exam preparation. The course is on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning


Licentiate and Fellowship Examinations

Ex Professional Dancers are eligible to progress to the Higher Teaching examinations of the IDTA if they wish. The Licentiate is based on the work of the Advanced 1 and the Fellowship on the work of the Advanced 2. Examinations are based on knowledge of the syllabus and Teaching Methods.


One Day Courses

One day courses are suitable for ex dancers who are already experienced teachers, with all the background knowledge that this implies, but who would like to gain a recognised Teaching Diploma with a UK Teaching Organisation. They would need to be able to work independently, but it would include e-mail and telephone access and weekly reports etc. One Day Courses would take place on Friday mornings.



  • Professional Dancers course: 168 euros per month
  • Professional Dancers, one-day course: 88 euros per month